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One of the cornerstones of our organization is our training/education division. In fact when the concept of this company was first developed, much of our business model was primarily dedicated to education.


Our founders all had extensive experience in pre-hospital medicine, and knew how important continuing education and quality training was to clinicians. Throughout their careers they had trained countless professional care providers, and wanted a way to share their knowledge with lay rescuers and bystanders.


They also knew in emergency situations, that by-standers were often in a position to provide lifesaving care IF properly trained to do so.

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Ambulance Revenue Management


One of the busiest divisions of our company is our Ambulance Revenue Management division.  Initiated in 2013 as a response to issues raised by our clients, we strive to build partnerships with all of the clients we serve.  We understand that their success depends on us, but our success also is dependent on them.  


All of our coding staff has completed the NAAC Certified Ambulance Coder program, and some have also completed the Certified Ambulance Compliance & Privacy Officer Programs.  

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Consulting/Compliance/Special Projects....

Over the years we have struggled to come up with a name for this portion of our company.  This is because we have taken on so many diverse projects.  Quite honestly, it has become a catch-all category of sorts, addressing our client's needs that fall outside the categories above. The simplest explanation for this division is we step up and use our time & talents to help our clients deal with various issues/requirements.  

Click here to learn more about some of the projects we have handled.

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