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Our humble beginnings... 

The original concept of VMS dates back to the mid-90’s. It was then that our two original founders began to team up to teach classes. Since that time they have conducted countless educational programs for audiences ranging from First Responders, EMTs and Paramedics to Nurses and Physicians.

Over the years many things changed and many new programs were added to their repertoires but one thing remained constant, their un-yielding commitment to the success of their students. In 2007, they began to offer classes outside of the healthcare field. They had begun to realize that bystanders and lay-rescuers could also benefit from their practical experience. This led them to hold classes for community groups ranging from scout troops to industrial response teams.

By mid-late 2012,the demand for classes was quickly becoming more than they could keep up with,and they decided to create Valor as a formal teaching consortium.  We began to hear from several other providers/instructors who were interested in joining the team.  We also spoke to several of our current and past clients and asked what services that they thought we should provide in addition to training/education.  

One concept that was raised in our expansion discussions was the idea of a “consulting program”.  This was suggested as a way for agencies to “rent-an expert” from us to assist them with specialized projects.  Many of the clients we were dealing with at the time found that they needed help/guidance/support in various areas, and we could provide it.   

This simple concept has led us to a wide variety of projects ranging from regulatory compliance to developing ways for agencies to improve their staffs’ clinical performance. Our over-reaching goal was to make ourselves and our experience to smaller agencies and allow them to outsource some of their administrative/logistic needs. 

In many cases smaller companies lack the resources/staff to handle all the support needs of the business.  In situations, such as this, the ability to hire an independent consulting team full of industry experts can provide the man avenue to advance their business. 

A second recurring theme was billing/claims processing. The majority of our training clients were smaller “mom and pop” services and they were having trouble finding a billing company willing to take them and their needs seriously.  Delving further into this it made perfect sense, billing companies get paid on commission and thus want to focus on their “big-money clients” first.  

On the other hand, given that most clients we were dealing with was smaller services, we decided to add a billing claims division to Valor.  Currently the majority of our billing personnel have completed the Certified Ambulance Coder program, as well as other ancillary coursework.  In addition,all our coders are EMT’s, with most of them being veteran Paramedics.  

This proved to be an invaluable asset, on our client’s behalf, when reviewing medical records for the Medicare Pre-Authorization program that began in Dec. 2014 in South Carolina.  Since the launch of our billing/claims division we have provided our clients with the high quality personalized  service that they could not find elsewhere, and the support they need to make their business successful. 

VALOR Today....


Today VALOR is divided into three primary divisions.  These are Training/Education, Ambulance Revenue Management & Consulting/Compliance.  These divisions, while all focused on different areas of operation, interface to provide the best possible service to our clients.


Our growth over the past several years has been astounding.  What began as the brain child of a couple of EMS educators, has blossomed into a far more extensive business than they could have ever imagined.  In 2018, we began to experiment with holding classes online.  By the end of 2019 we had not only done this multiple times, but also gotten very positive feedback from the students involved in the classes.  In the fall of 2019, we established a dedicated training facility in Laurens, and have since held numerous classes there.  


In 2019, our consulting team assisted one of our agencies in upgrading from BLS to ALS operations, representing a major upgrade for the community that they serve.    and we attribute much of it to our willingness to go the extra mile on behalf of our clients/students.    

Looking forward to 2020, we see great things on the horizon.  We have partnered with another local business and are currently collaborating with their team to develop multiple wilderness based medical programs.  We have recently assisted one of our clients with establishing a SC DHEC approved EMS Continuing Education Program.  We are also working to expand our catalog of "blended" & online offerings.  

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