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Personal Defense/Firearms

In early-July of 2020 our team began looking into ways to expand our educational/informational offerings into the realm of firearms & personal defense programs.  One portion of this is offering the SC Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) classes.  Our team held our first such program in August of this year.

We also know that there is far more to Personal Safety than just this one program.  In addition to CWP courses, we are also going to be offering several excellent programs from the United States Concealed Carry Association.  While some of these will only be available in traditional “classroom/range” setting, we are in the process of compiling others to be offered partly or completely online via our virtual learning management system. 

South Carolina

CWP Courses

We began offering SCCWP courses in August of 2020.  We began this by offering the classroom portion at our training facility, and the shooting/qualification at a local outdoor shooting facility.  While we had success with this model, the cooler/WETTER weather has complicated this significantly.  In response to this we have made arrangements with a local indoor shooting range to allow our instructors to bring our students to their facility for qualification purposes.


To facilitate this, we will continue holding the classroom portion (roughly 5hrs) of the program at our training facility, and then arrange to meet with students at the shooting range to conduct the live fire portion of the program.  Currently we have made arrangements with "The Gun Shop" in Simpsonville for this, however we are open to using other facilities as well.

Although we DO NOT REQUIRE it, we strongly recommend individuals who are not familiar with basic firearms handling and operation participate in one of our "Basics of Firearms/Guns-101" workshops (see below) prior to attending this class.  If you wish to sign up for both of these programs contact us directly and we will arrange a special discount for you.  

The cost for the course is $75, which includes the course and the range fees, but does NOT include ammunition or use of loaner firearm.   

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South Carolina CWP Classes

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Introduction to Firearms Workshop

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