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Ambulance Revenue Management

Initially established as our Billing/Claims Processing division in 2013, this division was later re-named to better reflect the vast array of services that we provide our clients.  We created this portion of our organization in response to the problems/concerns that were plaguing many of the services we spoke with.  This division of our operation is under the supervision of Jason Eichman.  Jason is not only a 20+year EMS veteran but also a Certified Ambulance Coder, Compliance Officer and Privacy Officer.  

The fact that our claims processing staff is made up entirely of veteran EMS responders has proven to be a major advantage for us on many fronts. First and foremost, successfully processing claims starts with reading/reviewing the "run report" generated by the responding crew(s). Our staff's familiarity with the pre-hospital environment gives them unique comprehension of this document. In addition to this, their experience as medical professionals has proven to be invaluable when reviewing medical records in order to help our clients navigate the minefield of "prior-authorization" that began in late 2014 in SC and has since spread to North Carolina and several other states.

Currently we offer a variety of billing/claims processing services to our clients, enabling them to custom design a package that will best fit the needs of their organization.

Contact us today to find out more about how our team can help your agency improve their billing and cash flow.

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