Educational Programs


In the past several years many things have changed about our business, but our commitment to offering high quality training has remained constant. We know that in order to offer great programs we need great instructors. Almost all of our lead instructors are certified Paramedics with 10 or more years of experience as front line providers. This allows them to share their unique insights regarding pre-hospital emergency care with our participants.

Our training division offers a wide variety of programs for virtually every audience. In the past year we have conducted classes for professional responders (EMT'S & Paramedics) youth groups, community leaders and workplace responders in a variety of settings. In some situations our instructors can even specially design a class based on the specific needs of group.

Classes are commonly offered at our training facility, located in Laurens, SC, but many of them can be conducted at your site/facility/agency if there is sufficient interest.  In addition since mid-2019, we have been offering many of our programs in a "blended" format.  This means that the majority of the lecture/didactic content is conducted online via our digital learning platform.  This can not only assist in scheduling, but also save money related to travel costs.  We have also found that the blended format provides many of our students a more productive educational experience, increasing student retention.  

First Aid Kit
Courses for Lay-Rescuers
We offer several courses to help you prepare to render bystander care to victims of sudden illnesses and injuries. These programs are designed to provide participants with the skills and confidence to provide basic care. 
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Professional Responders
Our founders have spent countless hours providing CE programs to emergency personnel of all levels.  One of the driving forces behind the creation of this company was to enable them to develop interesting, evidence based educational offerings that would engage their students.
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Industrial Responders
Over the past several years, our team has conducted a variety of programs in this setting.  We understand the need for individuals working in industrial facilities to prepare for accidents, injuries, and illnesses; and can offer several programs for them.  
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Forest Trees
Wilderness/Outdoor Enthusiasts


We will be offering several wilderness based programs in conjunction with The Woodsrunner School of Self Reliance.  Many of programs combine classroom or online education with hands-on practical skills sessions.  

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