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Classes for Lay Rescuers


Time and again it has been shown that prompt care initiated by bystanders can dramatically improve patient outcomes.  Our team has not only heard this, but seen it first hand.   All of our courses meet the most current guidelines, insuring that the methods taught are based on the best practices and information available.  Classes are typically held at our training facility, but can also be held on location if there is sufficient demand.  Our team of EMS professionals looks forward to giving you the skills to help yourself and your loved ones in a medical emergency. 

CPR Courses


We offer several types of CPR classes, all of these meet or exceed the current ILCOR guidelines and they all include training on AED operation/utilization.  

Current offerings include the following:

First Aid for a broken arm
First-Aid Courses

In addition to our CPR programs, we also offer a variety of First-Aid programs.

We are currently offering the following programs:

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