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Industrial Programs


Sudden illness or injury can strike anyone at any time and it has been repeatedly proven that properly trained bystanders can make a major difference in patient outcomes. In light of this many manufacturing and industrial settings have created/ assembled “Emergency Response” or “First Responder” Teams. These teams, can not only render immediate care, but their training can help insure that care provided prior to the arrival of EMS, is technically correct.

Our team of Instructors has extensive experience working with these groups, but our approach is somewhat unique. We realize that while formal classes serve their purpose, regular refresher/updates can help prevent “skill decay” among responders.

Our team can design a customized training program for you and your organization, that will mirror the best practices from the many professional EMS continuing education programs that we have designed. This will not only help you balance the cost of the program, but also insure that your team is as well prepared as possible to respond to an emergency.

Our instructors can offer these programs at your facility or ours.  In addition, we can also offer the Advanced First-Aid & EMR programs in a "blended" format.  This will allow your staff to complete the bulk of the lecture/didactic section of these classes on-line.  We have found that this not only eases scheduling issue, but also increases students retention of information.  

CPR Courses


We offer several types of CPR classes, all of these meet or exceed the current ILCOR guidelines and they all include training on AED operation/utilization.  

Current offerings include the following:

First-Aid Courses

In addition to our CPR programs, we also offer a variety of First-Aid programs.

We are currently offering the following programs:

** - available in classroom or blended format 

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