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Online CE Programs
Pre-Hospital Professionals

We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of educational programs designed to help EMS personnel meet their re-certification requirements. 

We are proud to announce that in July of 2021 we recieved CAPCE accreditation, enabling us to offer a wide variety of our       programs online.

CAPCE currently recognizes two different online

formats, these are as follows:

  • F3 - this is also known as "Distributive Education" or "Asynchronous" education.  These programs are pre-recorded allowing participants to watch the content at their convienience and then complete a basic quiz on the material to demonstrate their competency.


We currently have over 30 fully accredited programs available

in our online training platform "VMS Online-Academy"

  • F5 - this is also known as "Virtual Instructor Led Training" or "Synchronous" education.  These programs are scheduled at specific times and allow participants to interact with a live instructor remotely.  We have been using this format in many of our non-EMS classes and have had very promising results with it.  In 2020 we began conducting pilot experiments utilizing this platform for some EMS CE classes, and had excellent results.

     These programs are typically scheduled from October-April to conincide with the NREMT Recert cycle, however if there is significant demand we can schedule these programs anytime

For more information on this or any of our programs:

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